The Exhibition

Now installed at Arthur's Barn on the Belmont Demesne, located in beautiful woodlands, with nature and Fat bike trails, with cafe and craft outlets.


BOATYARD was first exhibited at Bantry House, Bantry Bay 2018, then at Ballymaloe House, Cork, 2019.

The art of Irish boat building embodies resilience, defiance, and survival.  BOATYARD was inspired by the graveyard of old hulls and wrecks at Hegarty's in Old Court. 

It is a reflection on Ireland’s past through its relationship with the sea and those who sailed upon it.​

The exhibition includes

A Soundscape by Tilby and film sound designer Steve Jones


The Sail with a Tale: a large, original canvas sail from the Angele Aline, she rescued 350 men in the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation


A collection of limited edition art prints - shop here 

A Junk Sail created from fused plastic and polythene waste

The Gansey  inspired by a song written by  Pat Waters

 Superstition, Belief, and a bottle of Holy water

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