The Exhibition

The BOATYARD  installation was first shown at the splendid Bantry House, Bantry Bay 2018, at Ballymaloe House, Cork, 2019, then Arthurs Barn, Belmont Demesne, Dublin 2020-21.

The art of Irish boat-building embodies resilience, defiance, and survival.   Guarded secrets – each wooden boat is unique, hand-crafted for purpose, designed, and honed for the varying,  idiosyncratic local currents.


Tilby’s exhibition is a reflection on Ireland’s past through its relationship with the sea and those who sailed upon it.​​

Marine conservation is at the heart of BOATYARD –  man’s activities and our total dependence on the oceans.

The Exhibition includes

A Soundscape by Tilby and film sound designer Steve Jones


The Sail with a Tale: a very large, original canvas sail from the Angele Aline, she rescued 350 men in the 1940 Dunkirk evacuation. Over 100 years old.


A collection of limited edition art prints - available here 

A Junk Sail created from fused plastic and polythene waste

The Gansey  inspired by a song written by  Pat Waters

Superstition, Belief, and a bottle of Holy water