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The BoatyardSteve Jones & Anne Tilby
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This haunting and mesmeric Soundscape created by sound designer, Steve Jones and artist Anne Tilby, for the Boatyard Exhibition, runs for over eighteen minutes, and evokes the people, their past, and their lives on the sea.

Several boat builders and fishermen from Counties Cork and Kerry were interviewed to realise this project. We recruited a group of local people to voice their words from our transcripted interviews.

Timmy Clifford, a local postmaster, our neighbour, Joan Egan (a hotel worker and farmer's wife), Stephanie Cahill O’Sullivan, a singer and schoolteacher from Sneem, Christy O Neill, a boatman from Castletownshend, and our main chorus, Patrick Waters, an Irish poet and songwriter from Dublin, all feature on the Soundscape.  

We also recorded many sounds of the sea and shore, plus various rowing boats, working boatyards, Atlantic storms, and a donkey pulling a joltie cart to enhance our spoken accounts. 


Referencing Criostoir MacCarthaigh's epic tome 'Traditional Boats Of Ireland'  gave our Boatyard Soundscape the in-depth knowledge and historical detail to ring true with an informed audience.

The Soundscape was mixed and produced, (using over one hundred recorded elements) at a London studio. Steve Jones produced alongside mixer-engineer, Pascal Magdinier.

We recommend that you listen through a pair of stereo headphones to enjoy the full mix quality and detail of our Boatyard Soundscape.

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